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About Us

Having established ourselves as a creative publishing force to be reckoned with, both local with The Limerick Magazine and nationwide with our luxury flagship publication Fusion Magazine, our talented team is now offering up their creative expertise to other brands and businesses, providing a range of services that companies can call upon as and when they need, or get the full package of graphic design, digital marketing, content creation and commercial photography to tell the story of their brand.

TLM and Fusion Magazine have of course evolved and changed as time goes on, but the biggest development within the business of Fusion Media has been happening more behind the scenes. Publishing is now just one part of what we do. Fusion Media has launched a range of creative services including website building, graphic design, content creation and original photography for business locally, nationally and internationally. With a lifelong passion for storytelling at the heart of what Fusion Media does, as the ultimate goal of storytelling is to inspire – whether it motivates change, encourages the buying of a product or draws people into your store, regardless of the time frame.

The desired outcome in the end drives the direction of the story. As a publisher it has always been Fusion Media’s aim to tell stories, and the aim now is to tell the story of a brand by working with them from start to finish, providing all the materials a business need to do so. So often companies share their frustrations about having to go to multiple sources to get something written, to get a website designed and ending up having to buy images in order to get their channels live – there are few places that provide all those solutions as part of one service. With Fusion Media, everything is under one roof. No more going to a web design company, then trying to hunt down a quality copywriter, finding that costs spiral and having only enough left in the budget to buy some stock images that don’t accurately reflect the unique characteristics of your brand. With all the elements together you save time, and have the peace of mind of one team working to the same set of deadlines, with a more cost-effective package.

Fusion Media have built a team of talented and experienced design, photography and writing professionals, who have worked across a vast range of industries. Most importantly though, they understand the need to take time to get to know your individual business and what you want to achieve.

Through regular conversations and updates they will get as close to the business as is humanly possible. Fusion Media is attentive and friendly and will guide you through the entire process, even if you are not entirely sure about certain aspects of your campaign or redesign, the team will help lead you in the right Direction. And because storytelling isn’t just a one off exercise, Fusion Media maintains that relationship with their clients even once the job in hand is done, to ensure that the work is having the desired effect and is telling the story the way you wanted it to. As your objectives and goals shift, you must plan new initiatives that propel the story forward and inspire renewed calls of action. Fusion Media will be there every step of the way, as and when a client needs them.

So, ask yourself: What is your story? Are you telling the story of who you are, where you came from, and where you are going with everything you put out there? Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into your brand and often called one of the main components of a content marketing approach. By giving your products and services an identity by capturing the stories they really are, you can take your target audience on a journey they yearn to experience. In order for consumers to form a personal connection with your brand, company stories must be authentic, creative and inspirational, and that is where Fusion comes in to this picture.

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